I love hating men

hating men makes me feel amazing. wonderful, even. i hope they all choke on their own dicks and die.

i used to be hesitant to hate men because i thought that my hatred for them might show in my everyday superficial interactions with them and it will make me at risk of male violence but it actually did the opposite.

i’m literally much safer now from male violence because my misandry makes me view men as depraved parasites that are to be avoided at all times.


Hating men is simply a rational response to the reality of this world. Also, women are most likely to be raped by a man they know and murdered by their current or ex- male partner. Avoiding men is an easy way to immediately cut down on many safety risks. Men and their handmaidens will keep trying to gaslight us out of this but deep down we know the truth.


tbh I don’t love it at all… its just what I have to do to survive in this world. I really wish I didn’t have to hate half of humanity because all I ever really wanted was an egalitarian relationship, but they have proved they will always hate us, so the only logical response is to hate them back and avoid them at all costs. unfortunately, it requires a lot of my energy either way… it honestly just makes me sad and depressed that half of humanity will never see me as a human being worthy of human dignity, but here we are. wish i didn’t have to make that choice in the first place.


This is exactly how I feel. :cry:

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Unfortunately, this is so true. It’s a sad reality that all women should realize sooner rather than later.

Honestly, being aware of the danger and misogyny directed towards women by men is exhausting. I don’t want to live in a world where men pose a threat to women but it’s a reality that I can’t deny and have to be aware of in order to be safe. I just wish men weren’t the way they are (violent, sexist, oppressive, etc) but unfortunately they’ll probably never change.